This time, Wiiboox Tech assisted Nanyi Games students to design several artistic table games. Can you think of the pieces in different forms? The following pieces break the definition of our original square or round pieces. After 3D printing, the shape of the pieces is determined by you.

Pirate style chess pieces

Triangle animal shape chess piece

The design ideas of the students are bold and innovative, and the superb and beautiful print quality of Wiiboox Tech, the collision of the two produces the 3D print game box of the following figure – Memento (memory fragment).

The memory chips are made of wood filament. Firstly, the model is sliced ​​on the wiibuilder software, and then printed with WEEDO F300. The printing process requires very high precision for the machine. The printed products are combined to form a game box. The idea is wonderful.

In fact, the desktop game is very suitable for 3D printing, because its size meets the size requirements of 3D printers, and secondly, as long as the cost of setting the printing is relatively low, 3D printing is not as expensive as you think, the price is still very reasonable. . With such advanced technology, you can make full use of your imagination, and Wiiboox Tech is responsible for presenting your ideas in kind!