At present, 3D printing has not only entered the textbooks of vocational colleges, but also entered the fifth grade primary school textbooks. From primary schools to colleges and universities, more and more schools have opened this course. Students also use 3D printers from now on. 3D printers, demand is gradually expanding in the family and education fields.

Demand is getting bigger and bigger, so what should be the design trend of 3D printers? Is it easy to use? Still large size? Is it also small and light? We should be able to see a glimpse of the latest TINA2 3D printer from Wiiboox Tech.


In these places you can use TINA2:

01.Family advanced smart toys





Cultivate innovation ability
Turn all your child’s innovative ideas into reality through 3D printing
Exercise space imagination
Enhance 3D space perception and imagination by touching 3D models
Cultivate hands-on practical ability
Print every part of the toy and assemble it to complete a complete toy
Parent-child interaction
Enjoy the time of parenting with 3D printing with your child


02.Maker education





We have established more than 100 school Maker Labs, and our extensive experience provides a complete Maker Education solution for primary and secondary schools.


03.Development and Design





Before the mold is developed, 3D printing can be used for rapid prototyping, and important tasks such as design verification, assembly testing, and performance testing can be performed on the new product.


04.Art Design





Print can be truly liberalized parameter design, no matter what design can easily complete the final production, completely get rid of the “manufacturing decision design”.


Easily navigate TINA2




Small size, ultra-light body
The machine measures only 210X 210 X 290mm, 3KG ultra-light body, small footprint and easy to carry.





High face value – 3D printer like a work of art, blending into different home styles

The body is designed according to the requirements of home accessories. The designer performs sanding on the top to prevent scratching, and the side uses mirror polishing to blend with the surrounding environment.


Safety protection – safe to use, start with design
Nozzle anti-scalding design
Base plate anti-pinch design










Boot wizard, easy to use
Even with the boot wizard, we also carefully tweak the steps and sound tips.




One button in and out,one button printing



Fully automatic leveling

TINA2 is equipped with fully automatic leveling technology. After acquiring the position data through 3 points of the measuring platform, the software algorithm intelligently compensates in the printing process to ensure the level of the platform, all of which is realized by the non-contact magnetic sensor switch.






Flexible magnetic platform
The platform is made of magnetic material, and the printing model has good adhesion effect. The model can be removed without using a spatula.



WIFI controls three printing methods:

1. Mobile APP control
Connect to the Internet and control the 3D printer with your mobile phone.
3D printers can also become very smart.










2. LAN one-button printing
The matching slicing software has the function of sending and printing in the local area network. After connecting to the local area network, the design software that needs to be printed is uploaded and sent by the slicing software on the computer, and the printer can be operated without remote operation to realize remote fast printing in the local area network.






3.TF card offline printing






No need to model massive model library
We have a rich library of models, including toys, anime, practical life, and works of art.
You just need to download and print.


Intelligent slicing software





Self-developed Wiibuilder slicing software. Provide two operation solutions, professional interface and common interface; for ordinary users, the default print parameters are one-button slice printing; for professional users, you can manually set each parameter for personalized printing; multi-thread processing technology improves the slice speed by 6 times; Supports the first layer printing temperature setting, effectively preventing the curling; seam hiding technology and surface support technology to ensure the surface print quality while making the support easy to peel off.






1)Easy to use 3D design features
You can drag out the model from the built-in model library, and perform complex operations on stacking, deformation, etc. The modeling method is similar to the popular game “My World”.






2)Provide default different precision slice parameters
The default parameters provided in the software have been tested by our testers for hundreds of models for long-term printing, and can be installed without any complicated adjustments.






3)Face support
The face support can better support the model and make it easier to peel off the support and improve the print quality of the model.






4)Automatic support and manual support
When slicing, the software can automatically add support to the suspended part of the model. Manual support can ensure that the model is formed at one time, and only a small amount of support can be added to the key suspended part of the model to reduce material waste.







5)Variable filling technique
The model structure is automatically analyzed, and the model is densely filled at the break of the model to enhance the strength of the model.






6)Anti-warping prevention
The software automatically adds print temperature to the initial layer of the model and adds padding to prevent the edges of the model.






7)Seam hiding
When printing with FDM technology, the walking path of the model is closed because the overlap of the filaments inevitably creates seams, and the Wiibuilder can automatically hide the seams of the model at the sharp corners by an algorithm.






8)One-click send print
After the slicing is completed, connect the printer and send the sliced file to the printer via wifi to start printing.