On May 4-5, the Jiangsu Provincial Primary and Secondary School Teaching and Research Office held a STEM Education Seminar on the Junior Middle School of Jiangsu Province at the Shuren School of the Middle School affiliated to Nanjing Normal University.

This conference is to further implement the work of the Provincial Education Department’s basic education forward-oriented teaching reform project “STEAM Education System Construction and Practice with Jiangsu Characteristics” to promote the implementation of STEM education in the junior middle school section of Jiangsu Province. The leaders of the education department of Jiangsu Province and representatives of more than 50 STEM project schools and pilot schools across the province attended the meeting.

The teachers also gave a presentation on the topical experience of the advancement of STEM education at the school level. Wiiboox Tech also actively responded to the call, carrying the company’s intelligent black technology – WEEDO 3D printer to participate in, to help the development of STEM education in Jiangsu Province. The on-site professional instructors showed the high-quality print quality of the WEEDO printer to the participating teachers, and the teachers were very interested in the 3D printer of Wiiboox Tech.

The big lobster produced by Wiiboox Tech has earned enough attention. The leaders of the Education Bureau and the teachers are full of curiosity about the WEEDO printers. They are interested in establishing an industry-university-research cooperation with Wiiboox Tech. Wiiboox Tech is passionately committed to cultivating reserve talents for technological innovation, and we are serious about promoting the development of STEM education.