On the evening of September 12th, Nanjing University of Science and Technology held a 2018 new car launch conference and sponsor signing ceremony for the NUT Formula Racing Team. About 1,200 spectators were present to cheer, and the whole event was lively and lively.

As one of the main sponsors of the NUT Racing Team of Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Wiiboox Tech completed the strategic cooperation signing ceremony with the school.

The 2018 new car shown at this conference, many structural components of the body are realized by  WEEDO 3D printing technology.

The Chinese Formula Student Car Competition is a car design and production competition attended by students from the automotive engineering or automotive-related majors in higher education institutions. The participating cars are designed and produced by students themselves. The South China Tech NUT Racing Team was established in May 2010. Over the past eight years, a group of passionate young people who pursue the pursuit of automotive technology have passed on N-natural, U-unity, and T-trust. The spirit of the team has won great and small honors in all major events.

The technical concept of the NUT team is: 1. Four-wheel exposed, engine-mounted rear-wheel-drive single-seat formula racing style, can feel the thrill of racing; 2. NUT company improves the technology, and carries out the overall style of the car body every year. Bold trials; 3. Perfection and improvement of the car’s electrical and electronic systems, waterproofing devices at the line joints, and the use of switch buttons for various electrical parts to ensure the safe driving of the driver in the worst weather; 4. Under the premise of not contradicting the product design concept, the design of the car can be modified according to the different requirements of consumers, to the greatest extent possible in line with market demand.

In terms of technological innovation: 1. While improving the rigidity of the sub-frame, it enhances the ease of processing and assembly and the accuracy of the frame; 2. The overall heat resistance of the brake system is improved; 3. The rear wing shark fin, the front wing turns to the flag wing, and the effective reinforcement Pressure, reduce air resistance, enhance the flexibility of the car; 4. Carbon fiber tube steering column, which helps to reduce the quality of the steering system, both stability and flexibility.

The latest model of the South China Tech NUT team will be unveiled in this year’s competition. At that time, you can feel the speed and passion brought by the team. I wish the NUT team a better result and create a brilliant record!