On April 13-16, the 2019 Hong Kong Spring Electronics Show and the International Information Technology Expo were held concurrently. The HKTDC Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair was the industry’s top exhibition event and the best platform for exhibitors to connect to the global business.




Hong Kong Electronics Fair, twice a year, divided into spring and autumn, Wiiboox Tech has participated in the exhibition for many years, the exhibition effect is good, buyers cover a wide range, after years of exploration and summary, Wiiboox Tech has been able to target different the show launched the most attractive models. This time, the Wiiboox Tech booth is in the 3D printing area 5B-F10. Which is the most attractive model on the scene? Let’s take a look at the pictures returned from the exhibition.









That’s right, this is the recommended TINA2 machine. In the environment where all the small models are launched, how does TINA2 stand out as a star product?


One, three printing methods

1. Mobile APP control



2. LAN one-button printing




3.TF card offline printing




Second, fully automatic platform calibration



TINA 2 is equipped with fully automatic leveling technology. After acquiring the position data through 3 points of the measuring platform, the software algorithm intelligently compensates during the printing process to ensure the level of the platform, all of which is realized by the non-contact magnetic sensor switch.


Third, excellent playing details

At present, small machines on the market are designed to reduce costs, and the general molding accuracy is not high. It is only suitable for some toy printing. TINA2 completely solves this pain problem, and the accuracy is not even large. The excellent printing details are also available for TINA2. An important reason for the favor.




Not only that, TINA2 also adapts to a variety of consumables printing, can print TPU and wood supplies.



3D printed little green duck


This exhibition has an innovative product display area. WEEDO TINA2 has the honor to be selected. Since the beginning of the exhibition, the visitors in front of the TINA2 showcase have not been interrupted, and the compact 3D printer has shown a strong interest through the scene. The staff registered to download my company’s information more than 100 times.









WEEDO L40S is the first appearance at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. During the on-site (5B-F10) display of two-color printing, visitors can clearly see the printing effect of the machine. With its stable printing speed, it can also have large-size printing. The effect has won a number of enthusiasts interested in the industrial field and 3D printing for Wiiboox Tech.








TINA2 experience event






Customers use their own mobile phones to connect to TINA2, and choose the model to download and print from the mobile phone model library. The design of TINA2 has been well received after the customer experience.



3D printing bow tie