Recently, all the hot search lists have been contracted by the World Cup. Football has connected the people of the world together, and the Nanyi Graduation Exhibition “The Spirit of the Place” has also adopted the most popular “soccer” element of the moment. The idea comes from the famous work of architectural phenomenology – Schultz’s “The Spirit of the Place”, which is the derivative work sponsored by Qu Zhihua, the students create, build, and sponsored by Wiiboox Tech.

Art and theory are connectable. The key is how to combine and create the two. This is perhaps the biggest charm in art creation!

Night falls,

Buildings should be remembered more.

The work uses digital media technology to create an illusory space atmosphere, and implements image matching on the basis of the original shape, so that the entire device and space present a rich environment.

In any place, the space that exists is the place where people need to participate in order to be truly present. The experience that every viewer feels in this place is different. The author hopes that the definition of the place is no longer given by the designer, but by the user.

Wiiboox Tech sponsored the work throughout the whole process. From the small details, we can see the exquisiteness and creativity of the work. Let’s take a look at it:

Different perspectives have different beauty. The coolness of the external space has attracted many people to stop. The internal space has also received unexpected repercussions. The innocent children seem to have found their happiness.