“The 17th National College Robot Competition RoboMaster Masters” is a global robot competition sponsored by the Communist Youth League Central Committee, the National Federation of Students, and the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government. The participating teams need to independently develop a variety of robots to participate in shooting confrontation according to the rules of the competition.

The National Robot Robot Competition RoboMaster Masters has been widely recognized by all walks of life for its subversive traditional competition style and fiercely competitive style. It has become the most influential and highly regarded college student robotics competition in the country. A robotics frenzy is being launched around the world.

Such a cool stage design attracted more than 1,000 teachers and students from 46 universities including Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University and Southeast University.

The game officially began on May 17. At the scene of the game, the venue of the size of the basketball court is divided into the base area, the road area, the resource island, the wild area and the recharge area, and a number of “energy organs” for improving combat capability are set up. Ten different robots of different sizes are divided into red and blue, including not only common ground robots, but also aerial robots that can launch projectiles in the air.

Southeast University also participated in this robot competition. In the process of preparation, the students can feel their attention to the game and the enthusiasm for the competition. When they are tired, they will lie down on the ground and rest. After the rest, they will continue to install the test. This is only for the sake of getting a good name and glory for the school.

Because of this spirit of hard work and disappointment, Southeast University successfully entered the resurrection, we look forward to their next performance, playing Call for Southeast University! !