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Spark One connection Wifi network setting method

Ready to work

1. Connect SparkOne and the router with the supplied network cable
2. Plug in the power, wait 30 seconds, the screen displaysETH0:
3. Install software on your computerputty
4. Run putty, enter the ip address displayed on the screen in the host name field, and then clickOpen
5. Enter your user name:root, Password: fa,Enter the management background of SparkOne

Setting method1: nmtui

1. Enter nmtui and press “Enter” to open the NetworkManager management interface.

2. Use the up and down keys to select item 2 in the menu,Activate a connection,Press “enter” to enter

3. Use the up and down keys to select the WIFI network you want to connect to, press the Enter key, enter the WIFI password in the pop-up window, press Enter to confirm

4. After successful execution, SparkOne will display it on the screen.
5. Unplug the power supply and network cable, and power cycle. After SparkOne connects to the Wifi network successfully, the IP address will be displayed on the screen.

If only Wait! is displayed on the screen and there is no Wifi IP address, try the above steps again.\\

设置方法2: nmcli

1. 输入指令 nmcli dev wifi connect SSID password PWD

 SSID 是你的无线网络名称\\
 PWD 是你的无线网络密码\\

2. 指令执行成功后,SparkOne屏幕上会显示
3. 拔掉电源和网线,重新上电,SparkOne连接Wifi网络成功后,会在屏幕上显示IP地址

如果屏幕上只显示 Wait!,没有出现Wifi的IP地址,请尝试重新执行上述步骤。\\


如果运行nmcli dev wifi connect指令后,无法连接wifi网络,并提示以下信息

Connection activation failed: (7) Secrets were required, but not provided

请检查你的无线路由器的加密模式是否为 WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK 自动模式,将其改为 WPA2-PSK 模式后再次尝试。

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