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Install Printer Drive

If you are using a computer to connect to a WEEDO 3D printer for the first time. Please install the printer USB driver first.

Download USB driver for windows:External Link

After the driver is successfully installed, connect the printer and turn on the power. In the device manager of the operating system, a device named USB-SERIAL CH340 will appear under the port device (the corresponding port number, COMx, each computer will be different).

Firmware upgrade method 1

Install the latest version of Wiibuilder software (version ≥ 2.0.6). After opening the software, click the first icon on the toolbar to open the serial connection window. Select the port number corresponding to the printer and click the Connect button.

Wiibuilder 2.0.6External Link

When Wiibuilder connects to the printer, it automatically detects if the firmware needs to be updated. When new firmware is found, the following prompt will appear.

Click “Yes” and Wiibuilder will automatically download the new firmware and install it into the printer.

It takes about 2 minutes to update the firmware.

Firmware upgrade method 2

Download the 3D printer firmware upgrade special program from the official website. Different versions of different models correspond to independent firmware upgrade programs. For details, please refer to the firmware download page of each model.

Open the firmware upgrade special program, select the port number corresponding to the printer, and click the Update button. Wait about 2 minutes and the update is complete.

Please note! This method updates the printer firmware to any version and carefully checks the model before updating. Brushing the wrong firmware will damage the printer hardware, please use it with caution!

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