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Improper operation or poor material selection of the wire will cause the nozzle to become clogged. If necessary, the nozzle needs to be replaced.

Disassembly process: first turn off the printer, turn off the power

1. Preparation: scissors, 2.5mm hex driver, 1.5mm hex driver, new nozzle

2. Cut the nozzle cable tie and unplug the nozzle cable

3. Reverse the counterclockwise with a 2.5mm hex driver and unscrew the 2 screws under the fan on the right side of the nozzle

4. Remove the fan on the right side of the nozzle and set aside; move the extruder to the right rear to expose the nozzle throat.
Note: The 2 screws that are unscrewed and the gaskets on the screws should be stored. Reinstall them when installing new nozzles.

5. Use a 1.5mm hex driver to loosen the machine meter on the aluminum block and remove the old nozzle

6. Before installing a new nozzle, shake the nozzle upside down to remove any dust or debris that may be present in the throat.

7.The hand-held nozzle pipe passes through the aluminum block, and the pipe exposed above the aluminum block is 1-1.2 mm, which is the distance of the top thread ring.

8. Use a 2.0mm hex driver to tighten the machine on the aluminum block and straighten and compress the extruder.
Note: When the upper nozzle is used, the nozzle will be tightened and right by hand. When you are on the machine, you can't get too tight to prevent the machine from slipping.

9. Use a 2.5mm hex driver to reverse clockwise and screw the 2 screws under the fan on the right side of the nozzle.
Note: When screwing up, it should not be tightened too much to prevent the fan from cracking.

10. Before plugging the line, it is necessary to distinguish the correct connection of the nozzle line and the nozzle heating line, that is, the convex surface of the nozzle line connector corresponds to the convex surface of the nozzle heating wire joint.

11. Plug in the nozzle line connector. Note: When inserting the wire, be careful and careful to prevent the 4 needles at the nozzle heating wire joint from being bent or embedded, resulting in abnormal heating or temperature measurement.

Note: After replacing the new nozzle, the gap between the nozzle and the heating platform changes, and the heating platform needs to be re-commissioned to start printing.
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