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 +1. First remove the nozzle fan screw and the nozzle cap screw with an L-shaped 2.5mm wrench.\\ 
 +2. Carefully remove the nozzle fan and nozzle motor\\ 
 +3. Then start to heat the nozzle\\ 
 +4. After the nozzle is heated, use an L-shaped 1.5mm wrench to extend into the nozzle hole and clean it from top to bottom until the wire is cleaned.\\ 
 +5. After the dredge is completed, the nozzle motor is installed back to the original path.\\ 
 +6. The fan is also installed as the original road. When installing the fan, please hang the wall motor to avoid damage to the fan.\\ 
 +7. Note: After the nozzle is dredged, the platform must be recalibrated,​ because when the nozzle is used to clear the nozzle, the position of the nozzle may be shifted downwards, resulting in a smaller and smaller platform spacing. If the spacing is too small, printing will inevitably occur. Block the nozzle again.\\ 
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