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1. First remove the nozzle fan screw and the nozzle cap screw with an L-shaped 2.5mm wrench.

2. Carefully remove the nozzle fan and nozzle motor

3. Then start to heat the nozzle

4. After the nozzle is heated, use an L-shaped 1.5mm wrench to extend into the nozzle hole and clean it from top to bottom until the wire is cleaned.

5. After the dredge is completed, the nozzle motor is installed back to the original path.

6. The fan is also installed as the original road. When installing the fan, please hang the wall motor to avoid damage to the fan.

7. Note: After the nozzle is dredged, the platform must be recalibrated, because when the nozzle is used to clear the nozzle, the position of the nozzle may be shifted downwards, resulting in a smaller and smaller platform spacing. If the spacing is too small, printing will inevitably occur. Block the nozzle again.

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