The release of “Made in China 2025” and “Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan (2016-2020)” fully demonstrates the importance of 3D printing for China’s economic and social development, and also demonstrates China’s determination to develop the 3D printing industry.
Nowadays, the 3D printing industry is developing rapidly, but 3D printing professionals are in short supply, and there is a huge gap in 3D printing construction. The Southeast University Industrial Development and Training Center (hereinafter referred to as the Southeast University Industrial Training Center) has been promoting the development of 3D printing courses. Struggling on the road.





In April 2018, the Ministry of Education issued the “Education Informatization 2.0 Action Plan”, which clearly pointed out: the inclusion of student information literacy in the comprehensive quality evaluation of students. Improve the curriculum plan and curriculum standards, and enrich the content of artificial intelligence and programming courses that meet the needs of the information age and the development of the intelligent age.
It can be seen that 3D printing construction has ushered in opportunities in China, and there are policy escorts.

Early education workers have carried out research and education teaching in 3D printing. Some universities have set up a special subject for 3D printing technology education in the experimental base. In architecture, students in architecture, civil engineering, and construction of the ring can The 3D printing professional course is offered. After graduation, students have relevant architectural knowledge and 3D printing knowledge. In the future work and study, they can better use 3D printing technology to serve the construction field.
For college students, we can offer 3D printing professional courses to students, mainly teaching the working principle and operation methods of 3D printing technology. Under such training, students will edit 3D printing and 3D printing equipment after graduation. Very skilled, they can master the relevant professional knowledge and can operate 3D printing equipment by themselves, so that the employment direction of graduates is broader, and the competitiveness should be stronger.
When students choose to work, they can choose the work that is related to the original major. At the same time, they can choose to use 3D printing technology as the mainstay. At the same time, they may master the work of the original professional content. In the same graduates, the skills acquired are more abundant.

In order to promote the development of 3D printing course, WEEDO officially designed a number of 3D printers used in the exclusive education industry, and developed a matching 3D printing course. At the same time, we also built a maker education lab in universities and colleges, and promoted 3D. In the development of print construction, we take it seriously and actively fight for it.
Therefore, on July 9th, WEEDO’s Dr.  Cao Jie, as an outstanding entrepreneur representative from Southeast University, actively contacted the Southeast University’s Industrial Training Center in the exploration of 3D printing construction, and donated to the Southeast University Industrial Training Center Six WEEDO 3D printers. He hope that through the years of experience in the 3D printing industry and the company’s existing high-quality 3D printers, the development of 3D printing courses at Southeast University will be further improved.







WEEDO technology on-site installation machine







Machine display area


Director Zhang and Director Chen of the Southeast University’s Industrial Training Center conducted an exchange with Dr. Cao Jie at the scene. Director Zhang and Director Chen gave a high degree to the development of 3D printing technology and Dr. Cao Jie’s contribution to 3D printing. Certainly, He hope to learn from each other and develop together in the future 3D printing course construction.