As the summer temperatures get higher and higher, it will be surrounded by heat waves when you go out. The impression is that although the summer is hot, but many beautiful things still appear in the summer, for example, the students have ushered in the long-awaited summer life.

It may be very exciting for children to enjoy the summer vacation, but it may be a headache for parents. One should worry that the child’s heart is too wild to ignore the study, and the other is to worry about the lack of opportunities to interact and accompany the child.
At this time, the Treasure Star product TINA2 3D printer can solve the anxiety of parents.




Who do not love the toys that they make themselves? TINA2’s meticulous structure design makes it easy to observe the printed model, support mobile phone APP and computer to send and print with one button. Parents only need mobile phone with WIFI at home, and can quickly demonstrate to the children how to operate, simple and fast.





If you want your child to improve their hands-on ability, you can also print complex and interesting assembly models, print each part of the model with TINA2, and let the children assemble themselves.



Remote Control Crawler


The WEEDO line control crawler is composed of the power unit pulley, battery box and drive shaft, which utilizes the principle of electric energy conversion kinetic energy.
Use WEEDO Tina2 household-grade 3D printer to print the components of the crawling reptiles, assemble and close the circuit, and then control the motor of the deceleration motor to control the movement of the reciprocating arm through the wire control box, so that the bugs can crawl forward and backward.
WEEEDO line-controlled crawling reptiles are very suitable for cultivating children’s dynamic brain skills. Parents participate in the process of children’s play and increase parent-child relationship.






There are several advantages to assembling a toy:
1. Exercise the child’s hands-on ability, and exercise the coordination of the hand by letting the child operate it himself;
2. Exercise the child’s sensory touch, the toy in the process of playing with the child can play the child’s neurons;
3. Exercise the child’s color resolving ability. If it is not a single color toy, the child can assemble the color by distinguishing it during the playing process;
4. Operate to develop the child’s imagination, increase parent-child interaction, parents participate in the process of children’s play;
5. When the children play the assembled toy, the final overall structure is formed by partial combination, and then disassembled and overhauled from the whole in the process of repeated assembling. This will make your child’s understanding more comprehensive and in-depth.
6. Assembling toys can exercise your baby’s hands-on ability. One of the most important aspects of playing a toy is to use both hands to operate, which can increase the sensitivity of the child’s fingers, which is undoubtedly very beneficial to the development of children’s hands-on ability.
7. The coordination ability of the brain and hands has been exercised.


With such high-value and high-performance 3D printers, even if you don’t go out at home, you can interact with your child and feel the charm of 3D printing.