From May 30th to June 1st, the 2nd International 3D Printing Carnival (2019) co-sponsored by the Industrial and Cultural Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee and the Shanghai Baoshan District People’s Government will be held in the Smart Bay Science Park.



The 2nd International 3D Printing Carnival, with the theme of “India”, combined with many cities, colleges, enterprises and organizations at home and abroad, is about to launch exciting and popular, professional and diverse activities. A feast of technology and culture will put everyone in the world of whimsy 3D printing!

This carnival will present the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and build a Chinese dream. Through collecting the society, we will set up multiple printing points in the Smart Bay Park and the whole city to complete the printing of more than a thousand works. Finally, we will form a giant work “China” and “Country”. With the development of China’s industrial science and technology, witnessed the birth of “Thousands of People Print” works.

In addition, the first chief scientist of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Project, astronomical chemistry and geochemist, Ouyang Ziyuan, a man known as the “Father of the Skull”, gave a lecture on “Meeting the First 100 Years, Deep Space Exploration in China”. . From the first implementation from the lunar back landing detection, we will draw a grand blueprint for China’s deep space exploration in the next 100 years.




3D Fashion Show





The audience who participated in the first international 3D printing carnival must remember the costume show and the closing ceremony “Meet the future – Song Siheng and robot music madness”. This year’s Carnival also provides a new interpretation of the materials, design, production process and functions of “clothing”, so that everyone can appreciate the creative world of “seamless”.

At the same time, Song Siheng will once again join hands with robots, and specially invited “National Wind and Beautiful Boys” to participate in the “Human Wars” of robots, pianists and ancient singers.




“Live Guide Map”


As the guest exhibitor of 3D Printing Carnival, WEEDO will wait for everyone’s arrival in Hall B of the International Conference Center!

Address: China 3D Printing Culture Museum, No. 6 Yunchuan Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

The 3D printed works carried by WEEDO, let us send a wave:


Dr. Qu Zhihua From Nanjing Art College









Dr. Qu Zhihua’s team is good at designing and modeling various model data (including complex models and refined models) for 3D printing, especially parametric design, repairing scanned data, modeling photos, etc.; and creating 3D-based printing. Craftsmanship.


WEEDO annual star product – TINA2

As the small compact 3D printer that WEEDO mainly promotes this year, TINA2 has simple design style and convenient printing operation. It is very suitable for parents to bring children to experience 3D printing at home and exercise the hands-on ability of children.



3D Printing Fun Eggs



Moving Octopus


At that time, WEEDO will enjoy the 3D printing feast with you on the spot!