The first Fujian Education Equipment Expo and the 2019 Fujian National Primary and Secondary School Uniform Competition opened at the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center.



With the theme of “New Era, New Education, New Technology, New Equipment, New Future”, this exhibition aims to build a five-in-one educational equipment supply and demand for image display, industry exchange, brand building, transaction procurement, and cooperation negotiation. The platform attracted more than 100 educational equipment companies from all over the country to participate in the exhibition. WEEDO printers have a place in this exhibition.


The development of modern educational equipment and technology, in the education and teaching work of various types of schools, and even in the development of a local education, is not only a basic work, but also plays an important work leading and leading role.


The design of WEEDO 3D printer has been constantly updated and developed in order to adapt to the maker education. At the modern educational equipment exhibition, the application of the education industry and the advanced equipment are displayed to the visitors. Each time, the exhibition will attract a batch of education. A group of interested education industry visitors.