Saturday is the Children’s Day . In fact, this is not only a festival for children. As long as there is childlikeness, everyone can pass Children’s Day. Children’s Day is to convey happiness. WEEDO is also a local children in Shanghai and Nanjing. Bring to laugh.

This happy ambassador is the TINA2 machine that we are very familiar with. This machine is designed for children and for families.

Go to the scene to see.

The activity of Nanjing Field is to enter the fire brigade.

Use 3D printing to give children a general knowledge of fire protection, so that children can get real fire prevention and fire escape skills while playing.

The event scene was full of people in the early morning, and the popularity of fire protection knowledge in 3D printing was too great for children.



I don’t feel tired when I stare at it for a long time.




Even our lovely fire officers and uncles are attracted.

“What did you do this?”

“Can this ladder still move?”

“Can this car ring?”




This fire deliberately customized the red theme TINA2, 3D printing science equipment and fire protection theme gifts.



3D printing fire truck surprise egg




Fire cap and fire truck model keychain



Fire extinguisher and fire hydrant science model



Look at the Shanghai event

This Shanghai event is the second international 3D printing carnival event hosted by the government in the Smart Bay Creative Park in Baoshan District, the Industrial Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Industrial Development Zone and Shanghai Baoshan District. WEEDO also thanked the China 3D Printing Culture Museum for its invitation to participate in such high-profile events.





The Carnival was held in the Smart Bay Creative Park. The China 3D Printing Culture Museum is also located here. This event is also the second consecutive collaboration between WEEDO and the 3D Museum.



The “big baby” on the scene is also interested in TINA2.



The dad bought a TINA2 directly for the children’s day gift.



This time we brought a lot of toy models for children, which is very popular.




There are also practical 3D printed musical instruments that attract everyone to stop taking pictures.



3D printed archaeological porcelain of the team of Qu Zhihua teacher of Nanjing Art Institute



3D printing equal proportions of heroes



Later, we will take TINA2 to more places, pass on the joy, and wish you a happy birthday!