The 38th Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair (Autumn Electric Show) hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) on October 13, 2018, and the 22nd International Electronics Co., Ltd. and Munich International Expo Asia Ltd. The Component and Production Technology Exhibition (Components and Production Technology Exhibition) will be held from the 13th to the Tuesday (October 13 to 16) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai. This year’s two exhibitions attracted more than 4,300 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions to form the world’s largest electronic product trading platform.

The event has unlimited business opportunities. The conference organized more than 140 buyers from 64 countries and regions, and arranged more than 14,000 international buyers to visit and purchase, including major retailers, importers and distributors in many global markets, such as From eBay in the US, Canadian Tire Corporation in Canada, Dixons Carphone in the UK, Hama in Germany, CAP Distribution in France, Absolut Group in Russia, Multilaser in Brazil, Tmall in Mainland China, Reliance Retail in India and Fabtronics in Singapore. Create more business opportunities for exhibitors.

The Wiiboox tech booth is located in the “Technology Hall” of the conference hall. The pavilion has five major exhibition areas, namely “Startup”, “Virtual Reality”, “Intelligent Technology”, “Mechanical and Unmanned Control Technology” and “3D”. Print”, convenient for buyers to purchase a wide range of high-tech electronic products, Wiiboox tech booth: CH-L07.

During the three-day exhibition period, our biggest feeling is that people are becoming more and more aware of 3D printing, and the market is getting bigger and bigger. Whether it is the local ordinary citizen of Hong Kong or a foreign visiting customer, they are all 3D printed or more. With little understanding, many enterprise users are preparing or already applying 3D printing to their own R&D and production, and the communication with customers has directly improved to how to improve the application effect of 3D printing, which is unexpected.

This star product is still WEEDO TINA 2, “three high and one low” (high stability, high value, high cost performance, low price) attracts a lot of attention.


Multiple buyer groups went straight to the small machine to understand the performance of the machine and the quality of the printed model.


Although the TINA 2 machine is small, it has a lot of functions and is suitable for a variety of consumables. The dragons and robots printed on the TPU material in the field excite the audience.



Customers like TINA2
The TINA 2 that was brought over was sold out, and even the on-site demonstration prototype was scheduled, and it will come to pick up the goods on the last day of the exhibition.































As the company’s new product this year, TINA 2 is more aimed at the consumer’s civilian market. The site has verified this from customer feedback.



The exhibition has been carried out until the third day. On the last day of the 16th, customers present at the exhibition are welcome to visit the booth.