Wiibuilder2.0.8.0(2019.12.27) 1.Baud rate selection when adding the serial connection of each model 2.Fix the error that serial port and WIFI fail to transfer files to SD card due to filename 3. Add the HS25 (Mix-color) 4. Restore some Wiiboox models 5.Fix the display error of directly reading G-code

F152S V2 firmware V2.2.0 (2019.09.23) F152S V2 factory firmware, using 61A motherboard The device serial number is: WBXFI152F048890 To WBXFI152F048939

F152S V3 (61B motherboard) firmware V3.1.0 (2019.11.20) Release Notes: 1. The help interface video QR code links have all specified Youku corresponding pages 2. USB port baud rate changed to 57600bps 3. Full support for Spark network control boxes