On the afternoon of May 26, the Women’s Federation of Dongshan Street joined the Women’s Federation of Jiangning District Agricultural Bureau and the Mutang Community of Dongshan Street to hold the “creative ‘3D’ blooming children’s heart – small sunflower children’s science activities”, organized the children of the small sunflowers in the area to visit the 3D printer development. Production of integrated national high-tech enterprises (Jiangning District Science Education Base) – Jiangsu Wiiboox Tech Co., Ltd., observe 3D printing creative contest works, print models, experience 3D printing technology, let children appreciate the charm of technology, stimulate children Their innovative thinking ability.

In the afternoon, the children concentrated on Jiangsu Wiiboox Technology Co., Ltd., and the event kicked off in a 3D technology PPT explanation.

The company explained the types and application areas of 3D printers for children, and demonstrated the Wiibuilder operation of the 3D printer software to teach children how to use the Wiibuilder software for model printing.

Visit the first 3D printing creative contest of Jiangsu Province and the 3D printing model of the enterprise, and appreciate the magic of 3D printers.

Group into the workshop, visit the production line of the enterprise, and understand the production process of the 3D printer

The children go to the machine test room to carry out the computer operation, the process of turning the graphic files into the real thing in the computer, let the children experience the joy from the ideal to the reality, and feel the wonderful things of 3D printing.