11Jul 2019

The release of “Made in China 2025” and “Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan (2016-2020)” fully demonstrates the importance of 3D printing for China’s economic and social development, and also demonstrates China’s determination to develop the 3D printing industry. Nowadays, the 3D printing industry is developing rapidly, but 3D printing professionals are in short supply, and there […]

05Jul 2019

On June 28th, WEEDO welcomed the friends from afar – Chongqing Longmenhao Vocational Middle School leaders to visit our company.     Manager WEEDO received the leaders and introduced the development history, company honor, product performance and authoritative certification of the company to the leaders. The leaders gave high recognition to the development and products […]

03Jul 2019

As the summer temperatures get higher and higher, it will be surrounded by heat waves when you go out. The impression is that although the summer is hot, but many beautiful things still appear in the summer, for example, the students have ushered in the long-awaited summer life. It may be very exciting for children […]

03Jun 2019

Saturday is the Children’s Day . In fact, this is not only a festival for children. As long as there is childlikeness, everyone can pass Children’s Day. Children’s Day is to convey happiness. WEEDO is also a local children in Shanghai and Nanjing. Bring to laugh. This happy ambassador is the TINA2 machine that we […]

31May 2019

From May 30th to June 1st, the 2nd International 3D Printing Carnival (2019) co-sponsored by the Industrial and Cultural Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee and the Shanghai Baoshan District People’s Government will be held in the Smart Bay Science Park.   […]