Dual Extruder
    Large 3D Printer

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    Intelligent Slicing Software, What You See is What You Get

    The slicing software will bring you a brand new experience. You could choose nozzle for different parts of the model. What you see is what you get.

    3D Printer For Designer, DIY maker

    Power-on Self-test | Dual-color Printing | Automatic Leveling | Power Save Mode

    Quick To Assemble, Get Started Immediately

    Power-on Self-test, Get Started Immediately

    After turning on the printer, a power-on self-test is performed immediately. This test will detect the thermal performance of the nozzle and platform, and the overall operation of X,Y,Z axis. This function can be manually turned on and off in the interface.

    Extrudes Filaments Faster, Dual-color Printing Supported

    ME40Pro adopts the design of dual extruder single nozzle, which can print single-color models or dual-color models. The double Z-axis screw design strengthens the firmness of the machine and ensures the stability of printing. PLA/ABS/TPU/Other High-temperature Filament can be supported and extruded faster.

    Automatic Leveling, Quiet Operation

    The ME40Pro adopts smart sensor technology, allowing accurate calibrations and easy set-up. Automatic Leveling guarantees the stability and safety of printing. TMC2208 ultra-quiet drive chip is equipped to provide a quiet experience for colleague and family.

    Removable Platform

    The removable build plate provides the flattest surface possible, while the underlying aluminum plate allows the printer to use its built-in inductive sensor for auto-leveling.

    High stability Power supply and motherboard

    ME40Pro uses WEEDO independent research and development of the sixth generation motherboard, imported TMC2208 driver chip, lower noise, smoother operation, passive heat dissipation design to ensure that the machine works stably for hundreds of hours. Anti-surge, anti-overload, anti-EMC design so that me40pro is not afraid of any harsh environment.

    Power supply as the core part, WEEDO selected high-quality suppliers, more than 1000 repeated switch tests, more than 100 hours of continuous printing test to ensure the stability of the machine.

    Safty Protection


    Layer Resolution


    Nozzle Diameter


    Build Volume


    Nozzle Speed

    normal: 50 mm/s

    Positioning Accurancy

    Z Axis 0.0025mm; X,Y Axis 0.011mm


    Printing Dimensions






    Power Supply



    Dual Extruder with Single Nozzle

    Filament Supply

    External Filament Tray

    Filament And Software

    Filament Compatibility


    Printing Mode

    USB, TF Card, WIFI


    Wiibuilder, Cura

    Supported File Type