Metal Frame

F150S adopts metal frame and enclosure, which has good metallic texture and more durable to use.

Fully Enclosed Structure

Fully enclosed structure with less noise during printing and keeps stable environment for high quality prints.

Front Door Open Protection

When door is open, the system will pause printing automatically, when door is closed, the machine will continue printing.

This function is a defensive design which can prevent the younger users  especially kids from unexpected damage during pritning.

Quick Release Nozzle

Indepedent nozzle supports quick replacement, no need to disassemble the whole extruder when performing maintenance.

Indepedent Extruder

F150S adopts indepedent extruder which is very convenient for maintenance.

Built-in Filament Holder

The built-in filament holder makes a good appearance for the whole printer. Also keeps a dry environment for the filaments, won’t be affected with damp.

Filament Run-out Detection

The intelligent filament detector can pause printing automatically when filaments runs out and resume printing after adding new filament.

Aluminum Heating Platform

F150S adopts aviation aluminum plate which keeps a high strength and stable base for the build bed.

Magnetic Tempered Glass Bed

The tempered glass bed provides a flat printing surface for the model, no warping caused by the uneven bed.

Auto Calibration

The calibration system will automatic detect the position of the bed and continuously self-calibrates, so you will never have to struggle with bed leveling.

One Key Filament Loading/Unloading

Choose “filament in” option in the menu, the extruder will automatic loading the filament. Choose “retract” option, will automatic unloding the filament.