3D Printing Application

Industrial field
3D printer is widely used in mechanic manufacturing for producing single piece, small batch, complex part. Comparing with traditional molding, 3D printing is directly molding, cheaper and quicker in small quantity manufacturing.
Architectural field
Traditional way of making architectural models is gradually unable to meet the requirements of high-end design projects. Now a large number of venues, facilities or design agencies utilize 3D printing technology to build accurate models in advance,which are used for displace and test. 3D printing technology is identified with its advantage and unparalleled realism effect.

Medical field
In recent years, people make lots of research about 3D printing technology application in medical field. Based on medical imaging data, the use of 3D printing technology to produce human organs model has great value in surgery.

Education field
Many colleges and universities have the demand of custom making teaching equipment and displaying their teaching research. 3D printers can help teachers and students to resolve this problem and greatly reduce the overall expenditure in this regard, meanwhile increase students’ motivation and momentum.

DIY field
Such as toys, hardware, machinery production and other traditional mold manufacturing, mold production is often a long time and high cost. The combination of 3D printing technology and the traditional mold manufacturing technology, can greatly shorten the mold manufacturing development cycle, improve production efficiency. 3D printing technology in mold manufacturing can be divided into direct and indirect molding, direct molding is the use of 3D technology to create a direct stacking die, indirect molding is a rapid prototyping system first part, and then design the molding based on the part.

Art Field
In Art field, 3D printing technology used for artistic, cultural reproduction, digital sculpture.