Monthly Archives: August 2019

WEEDO TINA2 3D printed pigs that run WEEDO TINA2 piglets are suitable for cultivating children’s ability to use their hands and minds. Parents can participate in children’s play to enhance the parent-child relationship. At the same time, children’s ability to use their hands and minds, coordination of hands, sense and touch can be improved, and […]

3D printing experience camp This morning, jiangsu weibaishi intelligent technology co., LTD., a national high-tech enterprise integrating 3D printer research and development and production (science popularization and education base in jiangning district), received a group of children from kindergarten classes and led them to embark on a unique 3D printing journey, allowing them to appreciate […]

On July 27,2019, Qingdao international software fusion innovation expo came to a successful conclusion. Qingdao international software expo is an important supporting platform for Qingdao software and information technology service industry to display excellent products, strengthen foreign exchanges and cooperation, and attract investment and wisdom. It has been held for 5 consecutive years since 2012. […]